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August 2013 Archives

Co-parenting is important when it's possible

When celebrities are covered in the news or on tabloids, the bulk of the content is usually centered on the horrible break-ups that they are going through and how they are dealing with these major life moments. Microscopic analyses of these individuals often yield the flaws that all people have. The coverage often gets passed down to individuals who consume it and use it to try to understand their own lives, possibly influencing major life choices of the readers. When celebrities exemplify proper behavior during a divorce, though, we all have a chance to learn something and take a lesson to heart.

First divorce between same-sex partners in Hancock County

Though same-sex couples cannot get married in the state of Ohio, they can get divorced. Recently, the first same-sex divorce in Hancock County occurred and according to an attorney for one of the women involved in the marriage, this should not come into question. According to him, the state of Ohio recognizes marriages that occur in other states, including those between minors and cousins. He believes it should same-sex marriages regardless of the issues that many residents of the state have with homosexuality. This was underscored by the 62-percent vote to ban same-sex marriage within Ohio's borders in 2004.

Divorcing later in life? Think about your retirement

An increasing number of people over the age of 50 are deciding to divorce and because of this, many married individuals in Columbus, Ohio, are worried about their retirement plans. A High Asset divorce often includes retirement funds, investment accounts, real property, motor vehicles and many other assets. As one's age increases, however, many people begin looking to the future in order to prepare for it. This is when divorce can be its most destructive.

The divorce is over, what now?

With so many people choosing to end their marriages in Columbus, Ohio, one might think the steps for a newly divorced life would be clearly laid out. Every circumstance is different, though, as is every individual, and this makes the post-divorce world tough to adapt to for some. There is one thing that can be addressed regarding the divorce and that is alimony. After being awarded alimony, what should you do with it? Should you rely on it as a major source of income?

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