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Divorce follows allegations of embezzlement

The reason an Ohio couple chooses to divorce can be one among many. Money issues, lack of communication or intimacy and infidelity are just a few of the causes for which couples seek the services of a family law attorney. The husband of a former employee of a nonprofit agency wants a divorce on the heels of a financial scandal.

After 23 years of marriage, the husband filed for a divorce just days into the new year. The wife was accused late last year of embezzling nearly $300,000 from an agency that works to develop and enhance the downtown area of a major city. The physical separation of the couple followed the announcement.

Little sister of Leah Remini goes through divorce

No matter how long an Ohio couple has been married, ending that marriage is rarely emotionally easy. Even the most acrimonious splits will often hold an element of remorse. The younger sister of actress Leah Remini, Shannon Farrara, and her ex-husband, William Kilmartin, have released the news that their divorce was granted a year ago.

The couple married in August 2008, but nearly to the day eight years later, Kilmartin filed for divorce. He claimed there were irreconcilable differences and asked the court to terminate the rights of either party to request alimony. There were no children from the marriage. Any debts or assets they had amassed as a couple were split between them, and Kilmartin paid Farrara $18,000 for her share in the home they bought.

Child custody agreement for Love and Hip Hop star

Finalized child custody arrangements often take a lot of back-and-forth negotiations as well as compromises by both parties, as many Ohio parents know. Even when the relationship between the parents has become filled with contention, putting the needs of the child first will benefit all involved. Stevie J, best known for starring in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and Puerto Rican rapper Joseline Hernandez have seemed to settle on an acceptable child custody and support agreement.

The two had an on-again, off-again dating relationship since 2013, during which Ms. Hernandez gave birth to their daughter, Bonnie Bella in late 2016. The two worked together to determine the specifics of their agreement. The former couple will share legal custody of their daughter, but Ms. Hernandez will have primary physical custody.

Child custody win in divorce for Keshia Knight Pulliam

Child custody disputes in Ohio can get really ugly, depending on the circumstances surrounding the reason for the parents parting ways. When there is great animosity between the parents, it is often hard to put those feelings aside when trying to reach an agreement on terms of custody. Fans of The Cosby Show will remember Keshia Knight Pulliam as Rudy, now a mother herself, who has just recently finalized her divorce with her ex-husband.

After only a one-day engagement, Pulliam and retired NFL player Ed Hartwell were married on New Year's Day 2016. They had not even been married eight months when he filed for divorce. Just a few months later Pulliam gave birth to a baby girl. Because of Pulliam's claims that not only did Hartwell cheat on her but was malicious in his treatment of her, the divorce has finally been granted and Pulliam will have full custody of the girl with Hartwell getting visitation and paying monthly child support of $3,000.

Is your rock and roll collection imperiled by divorce?

Ohioans love rock and roll. That is most evident by the location of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, situated just a day-trip away on the shores of Lake Erie up in Cleveland.

But some take their passion for rocking out to the next level, spending thousands of dollars amassing impressive items for their collections of rock and roll memorabilia. How cool it must be to have a gossamer scarf from Stevie Nicks, a drum stick from the late Keith Moon or — the ultimate trophy — anything from Woodstock.

Basketball star pays lump-sum alimony

In Ohio and elsewhere, divorce settlements vary depending on the situation of each spouse. Financial agreements for alimony and child support are based on the income of the exes, as well as any assets they own together. NBA and WNBA fans may be interested to hear of the general alimony settlement in the divorce between stars Shelden Williams and Candace Parker.

The couple married in 2008, the same year Parker began her WNBA career. Williams had been a professional player for two years at the time. Over his six-year career in the NBA, Williams reportedly made more than $12 million. Although a number was not given in an account of the settlement, Parker's salary was higher than her husband's, and she will be paying him a lump sum of $400,000 in lieu of continuing alimony payments.

NBA player Bryn Forbes settles on child custody arrangement

Settling on a child custody agreement may prove to be difficult among some Ohio parents. There are many factors to consider, but in every case the best situation for the child should be the motivating aspect of any arrangement. Bryn Forbes, NBA player for the Spurs and his ex-girlfriend, Raelynn Taylor, have agreed on a child custody plan for their two boys.

The two began dating in high school and had their first son not long after Forbes' graduation. Upon the birth of their second son, they tried living together as a family as Forbes' professional basketball career was taking off. When it did not work out, Taylor moved back home with the boys. After an unsuccessful reconciliation attempt a few months later, they both filed for sole custody of their sons.

Jury decides child custody arrangement for little girl

When Ohio parents are going through a divorce, they have to make a number of decisions. Not only do they have to decide on how to fairly divide assets held between them, they also have to determine child custody and support conditions. An ongoing child custody battle is finally over thanks to the verdict of a jury.

The subject of the custody battle is a 4-year-old girl. Each parent has accused the other of abuse, the father of inappropriate touching and the mother of manipulation. The mother, in desperation and in disobedience of a court order, ran with the girl and hid her for over a week, refusing to return the girl to her father.

Tribal order for child custody leads to parents' nightmare

Child custody battles in Ohio are not always between the parents. Sometimes the state may be a litigant and sometimes an organization or religious entity may be part of the official action. The fight has the potential to become a battle of wills instead of trying to do what is best for the child. A Native American tribe in one state is facing the latest in years of numerous conflicts with state authorities in a child custody struggle with the parents of a newborn.

The mother of the baby is a member of the tribe but the father is not. While still in the hospital, a tribal judge ordered that the child be taken from the parents to be placed in the care of the maternal grandmother, who would make all pertinent decisions regarding the welfare of the child. As a result of the order, two members with tribal law enforcement came to remove the baby from the hospital. It was also ordered that two other children the mother had from a previous relationship be placed with the grandmother, as well. According to the grandmother, her daughter was in an abusive relationship with the baby's father, and she filed for emergency action so that her grandchild would be safe from perceived harm.

4 options for the mortgage in a divorce

Divorce is never easy. It generally involves decisions that will certainly affect the rest of your life. For instance, one of the major assets you will probably have to deal with is your family home in Westerville. If you make the wrong decision regarding your home, it could end up costing you in the long run.

Like with the division process for your other high-value assets, it is important that you research all of your options and look at your choices from every angle so that you can make the decision that will optimally benefit you. Here are some options that might be available when it comes time to decide what you should do with your house.

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