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Divorce nearly over for Matt Lauer and his wife

Like many couples in Ohio and across the country, Matt Lauer and his wife, Annette Roque, experienced a travesty in their marital relationship from which they could not recover. Back in 2017, Lauer lost his job on the "Today" show due to numerous extramarital affairs. Since that time, the pair has been working on their divorce settlement. With a significant amount of wealth at stake, negotiating an agreement requires time and attention to detail.

Apparently, Lauer decided to give his future ex-wife whatever she wanted in the divorce due to his guilt over what happened. Even so, it has taken some time for them to reach an agreement. In the interim, the couple continued to live in the same home with their children and intend to continue to raise them together as much as possible. Lauer is rumored to be moving out when the divorce is final.

What should you bring when you meet your divorce attorney?

Just thinking about divorce can cause an increase in blood pressure for some people. It is common for someone in a struggling marriage to put off addressing issues until they are so overwhelming that they simply cannot get ignored anymore. However, even the most patient person has their breaking point.

If you have reached a point where divorce is no longer a theoretical concept and more an imminent reality, talking with an divorce attorney is probably a good next step to take. Your attorney can help you understand your rights as a married person in Ohio, prepare a divorce strategy and determine what the best case scenario would be for you.

Divorce settlement woes for Kevin Dillon and ex

Some Ohio divorces settlements go smoothly but some do not. When the former partners cannot agree on child and spousal support, the division of debts and assets or other financial decisions, the court has to get involved in the finalization of the divorce. A former cast member of HBO's comedy series Entourage, Kevin Dillon and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Jane Stuart are getting a divorce.

The two were married for 10 years before they decided to part ways in 2017. Stuart has made claims that Dillon does not make some of the payments he is supposed to make, especially for the children's private school tuition. Dillon says he does not make as much since the show ended to make the payments the two had agreed upon earlier.

Child custody celebration for reunited families

Losing custody of a child for any reason can be heartbreaking, no matter the state in which the parents find themselves. The fight against the state to regain child custody can be an uphill battle where the parents sometimes feel they will never reach the top. Ohio parents fighting for child custody may be able to take heart with the celebration stories coming from another state.

An annual "Family Reunification Day" was recently held to celebrate the families who have overcome the problems that split them apart so that they can be together once again. In the program's sixth year, the governor's wife, who stays involved with a number of organizations that deal with child welfare, was on hand to congratulate the parents on overcoming the sometimes overwhelming complications as they worked to become the parents their children need. A spokesperson for the event stated in a report on the celebration that there is always an attempt to return the children to their biological parents if it is what is best for them.

Spousal support payments not ending with commitment ceremony

The terms of an Ohio divorce should clearly define the financial arrangement as it applies to spousal and child support. There may come a time for modification to either child or spousal support, for which the court will need to render a decision, should the former spouses not agree on a new arrangement. An ex-husband is seeking to terminate the spousal support he currently pays.

The man's ex-wife and her new partner recently went through a commitment ceremony, and he feels he should no longer be expected to pay the spousal support as determined in their divorce arrangement. His ex-wife does not agree, and the court has sided with her. They have ruled that the ceremony was not a marriage and does not negate the terms of the divorce arrangement.

Parents looking for child custody win for foster children

While Ohio fostering and adoption issues have made the news for years, they seem to be more prevalent topics these days. Some courts and states have laws stating every effort should be made to keep the child with biological family unless there is proof of previous harm. Some courts rule child custody should go to the family who can give the most stable home. One foster mother and her husband are fighting for child custody involving two sisters who had been with the couple for 16 months before the state took them away.

The couple began fostering children two years ago and have had 10 children come through their home in that time. They were in the process of adopting the sisters, as that was apparently the wish of the girl's biological mother. They were not even able to tell the girls goodbye when the state agency came and took the girls to live with a great aunt and uncle in another state. Their biological mother said she has only been able to talk to them over the phone once each week since then, including just a five-minute call on Christmas Day last year.

Do you know the difference between mediation and arbitration?

If you hope to resolve the issues of your marriage outside of court, you may be looking into your options for dispute resolution. Two of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution are arbitration and mediation.

Although both of these problem-solving tactics are often used by businesses, they also have a special place in family court. Familiarizing yourself with the differences between these two ways of resolving marital conflicts can help you make more educated decisions about what would work better for your family.

Mother, aunt of rapper's daughter fight for child custody

When Ohio adults fight over who will be the best guardian for a child, they can often overlook what would be the best situation for the child. Many times, the child custody dispute becomes a battle of which adult can gain the upper hand. The sister of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle is fighting for child custody over his 10-year-old daughter against the girl's mother.

Samantha Smith has sought custody of the girl since Hussle was killed in late March. Smith feels the girl's mother, Tanisha Foster, will not give her daughter the attention and care she requires. Since 2013, Foster and Hussle shared custody of the girl, with Foster keeping her during the week and Hussle keeping her over the weekends. According to Smith, the girl was in Hussle's care most of the time near the time of his death. Smith also claims she helped keep the girl anytime she was needed so the girl would be comfortable with her as guardian.

Parents versus state in child custody case

Losing custody of a child is often devastating to an Ohio parent. Those who have gone through the process may know what a legal nightmare it is to regain child custody. One couple is not only fighting their home state for child custody but also against the possibility of neglect charges that could be brought against them.

The couple's three-year-old son has been recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He was started on chemotherapy immediately but went through extreme behavioral changes just as quickly. After the boy received several treatments, his parents thought the cancer had been held at bay and left the state in an effort to find alternative therapy that would not put their son through the side effects caused by chemotherapy. However, when they failed to appear for more treatments, the state got involved and secured an order that took the son away from his parents and placed him with his grandparents.

Child custody battle: Foster parents against biological relative

Ohio foster and adoptive parents know dealing with the state's Office for Children and Families can be complicated at times. Child custody matters involving this state agency can become particularly involved to the point of frustration. Several adults in another state are awaiting a child custody decision that is about to be made in family court.

The dispute revolves around a 4-year-old girl whose mother is in prison. The mother gave birth just before she was sentenced and the girl was placed in a foster home, where she has been ever since. Her foster parents want to adopt her, but the girl's aunt, whom she has never met, has come forward and claims she was never notified by child services she had a niece. She says the girl's mother told her only last summer she had given birth to a child in 2015. The mother has no legal rights to the child anymore but never named her sister as a potential guardian, though the sister says the mother is mentally challenged.

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