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Divorce finalized for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

An Ohio couple may or may not have an easy time coming to a settlement when ending their marriage. If there was a lot of conflict in the marriage, there may be just as much or more with a divorce. While Anna Faris and Chris Pratt filed for divorce nearly a year ago, the finalization was just reached days ago. Some of the terms may be surprising for such high-profile entertainers.

The two were married eight years and had a son, Jack, who is now six. The main emphasis on the agreement they reached dealt with Jack's well-being and not on their egos. They have both made it very clear he is not to be negatively impacted by their separate lives, and they will make every effort to maintain a friendly relationship with each other.

Years-long child custody dispute settled

Acting in the best interest of the child is where every Ohio custody battle should ultimately focus. That may or may not mean granting full child custody privileges to a parent. For eight years, a child custody battle has raged over a girl who is now 11 years of age.

In 2008, the girl's father was shot and killed by her maternal grandmother. Although the girl's mother retained custody of her, the court granted the paternal grandparents visitation rights. The mother did not want her former in-laws to have contact with their granddaughter and fled to another state in 2010 to evade the court order. That state refused extradition action, but a few years later, the mother moved them again to a third state, where she was arrested and the girl was sent to live with her paternal aunt and uncle.

Alex Rodriguez's ex wants increase in spousal support

Although it seems like the settlement agreed upon by both parties after the ending of an Ohio marriage should be final, many times, it is not. Often, the two will have to revisit certain items, such as child and spousal support. Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez wants a reduction in the amount of spousal support he pays his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

The couple married in 2002 after a prenuptial agreement was signed. Just two months before their sixth anniversary, Scurtis filed for divorce, and they established a settlement within three months. For the last 10 years, Rodriguez has paid $115,000 each month in support, not just for his ex-wife but for their two daughters, ages 13 and 10. Scurtis is currently wanting nearly half of that amount for herself.

Divorce filing by wife of infomercial celebrity

The ending of a marriage may bring joy to some Ohio couples but extreme heartache to others. While one future ex is anticipating the excitement of a new life after a divorce, another may be wondering how to handle life as a mostly single parent. Will there be spousal support, and will the needed child support come as promised each month? Offer Shlomi, or Vince Offer professionally, and his wife, Melody Barney, are getting a divorce.

Although the name may not be one consumers recognize, the face is familiar to some, as Offer hawked several goods via infomercial, the ShamWow being one of them. A report stated that the two were married in 2014 after dating nearly two years. Offer has mentioned that he was quite the partier years ago, but a legal incident in 2009 forced him to take a look at his life. He chose to be more responsible going forward.

Bring these things to your first divorce consultation

Ending a marriage is never an easy process. It can take weeks or months to come to a settlement agreement with your ex before you sign the divorce papers. For example, it could take several days of negotiation for you to decide what to do with your home. It might take even longer to reach a decision about the child custody arrangement and the co-parenting agreement.

Dividing assets and debts and working out a custody schedule are complicated and often stressful processes. Due to this complexity, it is extremely important to stay organized so that you can ensure your needs and those of your children are being met.

Television producer and wife split millions in divorce settlement

"More money, more problems" is a saying many Ohio residents may have heard before. When going through a divorce, this saying just may be the truth. When a couple has fewer assets and liabilities, it may not seem nearly as tough to agree on a satisfactory division as when assets are held in abundance. Producer Steve Levitan and wife Krista accumulated millions during the length of their marriage and have finally settled on how those assets will be distributed now that their divorce is final.

Although Levitan may not be a household name, fastidious television comedy devotees may recognize him as the producer and creator of several popular shows over the years. After 23 years of marriage and three children, Krista filed for divorce in 2016. A report at the time claimed there was no prenuptial agreement between the two. She also accused him at one time of assault and requested a restraining order against him. A judge rejected the motion.

Father in child custody battle with state

Some Ohio parents have been in the situation where their child has been taken from them for some reason or another. Many of these parents vow to do whatever they can to regain child custody. The father of a 5-year-old boy who was recently removed from his care has stated he will focus on upcoming child custody court appearances to get his son back.

With no mention of the child's mother, a report told the story of the father who was living with his son in a tent in an encampment of other homeless people. He said it was not always like that, back before the house where they were living burned down and before he lost the job he had. Now, however, the tent is the roof over their heads and the father goes out to look for odd jobs during the day, leaving the boy with someone else in the camp.

Fathers frustrated in child custody battle

In a bitter custody battle between Ohio parents, it is most often the children who lose. Some parents will choose any tactic as a way of retaliation in a child custody situation. A mother took her two daughters from their fathers and ran to family members living on an Indian reservation in an effort to avoid an awarding of child custody to the men.

Four years ago, the mother took the girls and fled to the reservation, after which she was convicted on charges of parental kidnapping. Since then, the fathers have been pursuing custody of their daughters. Although a tribal court ruled several months ago that the girls should be returned to their fathers who would assume custody, the mother's sister, with whom the girls have been living on the reservation, filed an appeal.

Lisa Osborne files for divorce from husband Jack

Although the intention for most Ohio spouses is for their marriages to last until death parts them, that is not always what happens. There are spouses who try everything reasonably possible to keep a marriage on track who ultimately decide the best course of action is to divorce. Jack Osborne and his wife, Lisa, have decided to divorce after six years together and three children.

Only three months after giving birth to their third child, Lisa filed for divorce. Osborne took to social media to explain they felt they had done all they could during the length of their marriage to keep it going. While they are intending to remain friends, the couple feels it is best for not only them, but their children that they end it.

Pete Rose objects to spousal support increase request

When the relationship between two Ohio spouses comes to an end, there are several decisions they have to make. Just one of those decisions is whether or not spousal support will be paid. As baseball season comes to an end, fans might be interested in the spousal support woes facing legend Pete Rose.

The 77-year-old former star and his second wife, Carol, have opposing viewpoints on whether or not he is able to increase her ongoing monthly support of $20,000 as well as her legal costs. He claims his health is in significant decline in his latest pursuit of a divorce from Carol. He first filed in 2011 after 27 years of marriage and currently wants to marry the girl to whom he has been engaged for the past seven years.

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