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Parents looking for child custody win for foster children

While Ohio fostering and adoption issues have made the news for years, they seem to be more prevalent topics these days. Some courts and states have laws stating every effort should be made to keep the child with biological family unless there is proof of previous harm. Some courts rule child custody should go to the family who can give the most stable home. One foster mother and her husband are fighting for child custody involving two sisters who had been with the couple for 16 months before the state took them away.

The couple began fostering children two years ago and have had 10 children come through their home in that time. They were in the process of adopting the sisters, as that was apparently the wish of the girl's biological mother. They were not even able to tell the girls goodbye when the state agency came and took the girls to live with a great aunt and uncle in another state. Their biological mother said she has only been able to talk to them over the phone once each week since then, including just a five-minute call on Christmas Day last year.

Do you know the difference between mediation and arbitration?

If you hope to resolve the issues of your marriage outside of court, you may be looking into your options for dispute resolution. Two of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution are arbitration and mediation.

Although both of these problem-solving tactics are often used by businesses, they also have a special place in family court. Familiarizing yourself with the differences between these two ways of resolving marital conflicts can help you make more educated decisions about what would work better for your family.

Mother, aunt of rapper's daughter fight for child custody

When Ohio adults fight over who will be the best guardian for a child, they can often overlook what would be the best situation for the child. Many times, the child custody dispute becomes a battle of which adult can gain the upper hand. The sister of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle is fighting for child custody over his 10-year-old daughter against the girl's mother.

Samantha Smith has sought custody of the girl since Hussle was killed in late March. Smith feels the girl's mother, Tanisha Foster, will not give her daughter the attention and care she requires. Since 2013, Foster and Hussle shared custody of the girl, with Foster keeping her during the week and Hussle keeping her over the weekends. According to Smith, the girl was in Hussle's care most of the time near the time of his death. Smith also claims she helped keep the girl anytime she was needed so the girl would be comfortable with her as guardian.

Parents versus state in child custody case

Losing custody of a child is often devastating to an Ohio parent. Those who have gone through the process may know what a legal nightmare it is to regain child custody. One couple is not only fighting their home state for child custody but also against the possibility of neglect charges that could be brought against them.

The couple's three-year-old son has been recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He was started on chemotherapy immediately but went through extreme behavioral changes just as quickly. After the boy received several treatments, his parents thought the cancer had been held at bay and left the state in an effort to find alternative therapy that would not put their son through the side effects caused by chemotherapy. However, when they failed to appear for more treatments, the state got involved and secured an order that took the son away from his parents and placed him with his grandparents.

Child custody battle: Foster parents against biological relative

Ohio foster and adoptive parents know dealing with the state's Office for Children and Families can be complicated at times. Child custody matters involving this state agency can become particularly involved to the point of frustration. Several adults in another state are awaiting a child custody decision that is about to be made in family court.

The dispute revolves around a 4-year-old girl whose mother is in prison. The mother gave birth just before she was sentenced and the girl was placed in a foster home, where she has been ever since. Her foster parents want to adopt her, but the girl's aunt, whom she has never met, has come forward and claims she was never notified by child services she had a niece. She says the girl's mother told her only last summer she had given birth to a child in 2015. The mother has no legal rights to the child anymore but never named her sister as a potential guardian, though the sister says the mother is mentally challenged.

Movie co-stars divorce after only 2 years of marriage

While some celebrity marriages last many years, others do not. It may be the relentless public scrutiny or simply that the chemistry between them is wrong but it seems divorce comes swiftly to those constantly in the public eye. Ohio fans of the popular "Pitch Perfect" movies may distress over the news that two of the married co-stars from the films have decided to divorce.

Anna Camp, who played Aubrey, and Skylar Astin, who played Jesse in the first two movies, met on the set of the original musical comedy while Camp was still married to her first husband. Once she divorced, she and Astin began dating and married three years later. Now, just two-and-a-half years later they have listed their home for sale and Camp has filed for divorce.

Band's front man keeps assets in divorce

When an Ohio marriage ends, it seems one of the most difficult tasks is the dividing of assets. While some couples with significant assets choose to have a prenuptial agreement in place before they marry, some do not, and attempts to reach a settlement during a divorce can become a real headache. Since their divorce, Limp Bizkit lead vocalist, Fred Durst, and ex-wife, Kseniya Beryazina, have thus far chosen to follow the stipulations set forth in their prenup.

Durst filed for divorce in September 2018, just before their seventh anniversary, but the reason was not given in a recent report. Because of their prenup, he was able to keep for himself the money he has accumulated from his music and his other entrepreneurial enterprises, as well as his pension plan and a motorcycle. Beryazina had financial assets coming into the marriage that she will be keeping, along with some jewelry, artwork and a BMW.

Can your ex move out of Ohio with your kids after divorce?

It is easily the worst scenario imaginable in a divorce. First, the courts side with your ex and give them primary custody of your children, relegating you to weekends or visitation. Then, your ex breaks the news that they're getting remarried or took a new job and now they're moving to Michigan or Indiana.

Suddenly, you have to make a decision about whether you want to stay in the place you have lived for years or follow your children to a completely new place. You shouldn't have to uproot your entire life just to retain your parental relationship with your children.

Jail sentence imposed after defiance of divorce order

When an Ohio marriage ends both parties have final decisions to make as a couple, especially if children are involved. When they cannot agree on those decisions as they head to divorce court, the judge often gives emphatic direction that will settle the matters at hand. A doctor who has continually defied a ruling made by the judge in his divorce case has been ordered to spend 30 days of jail time.

The doctor was instructed two years ago to purchase a life insurance policy that would pay $500,000 to his ex-wife and their children in the event of his death. Not only did he refuse to obtain a policy in that amount, he let a $300,000 policy that he did have lapse because he did not feel he needed to keep it, as it was not of the amount the judge ordered. He also told the court because of his age and the condition of his health, he was not able to get a policy in the amount of the order. However, he could not produce proof of his attempts and subsequent refusals. It was suggested he might have been able to get an additional $200,000 had he kept his original policy but there seemed to be no effort on his part to do even that much.

Hard work does not save reality show marriage from divorce

Many Ohio marriages are hard enough under normal circumstances. When a marriage is under a public microscope, even the strongest marital bonds can crumble, leading to divorce. Former participants of the reality show "Married at First Sight," Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix have chosen to divorce.

The series was introduced in 2014 on the premise that couples are matched according to scientific methods set forth by relationship experts. The couples are not to have any contact with each other until their wedding day and then everything they go through during the first few weeks of the marriage is documented. The couples have to decide whether to continue with the relationship.

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