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Legal fees in wealthy couple's divorce are astronomical

Divorcing Ohio couples often have numerous decisions to make when they divorce. Child custody and support, the division of debts and assets as well as legal fees are just a few points that need to be clarified when settling on the terms of a divorce. One man has been ordered to pay a staggering amount to his wife for her legal fees.

The husband must fork over $4.1 million so his wife's attorneys can figure out who gets what from a $150 million trust. The complicated holdings will need professional consultants who have experience dealing with the various transactions such enormous resources require. According to the wife's attorney, the husband is putting up a fight regarding every issue that they are attempting to resolve.

Man gets surprise alimony invoice

Some Ohio exes who have to pay alimony sometimes feel the strain of meeting their legal requirements. When their financial duty has been fulfilled, there is often cause for celebration. One man thought he had made his last alimony payment years ago but has recently received a notification claiming he missed a payment.

For 15 years the man made two payments of $1,250, via garnishment, to his ex-wife for a total of $450,000. When he retired in 2010 he was no longer required to pay. Not long ago he got a bill from the county probation service, claiming he not only missed his last payment, he also owed interest that had accumulated over eight years. He had retained a copy of his last pay stub showing he had, indeed, paid the full amount. He also says his ex-wife definitely would have let him know if she had not received the money.

Wife of Stone Temple Pilot guitarist wants a divorce

Of the numerous reasons an Ohio couple may feel a divorce is necessary, domestic violence is the scariest. Walking on eggshells around someone who could erupt in anger at any minute is emotionally exhausting. If children are in the picture it is even more vital to find a way out of the situation. The wife of Dean DeLeo, guitarist for Stone Temple Pilots has filed for divorce, claiming she is afraid for not only her life, but that of her daughter as well.

Jenn DeLeo says the abuse began six years ago, not too long after they were married. She claims the abuse stems from his excessive use of drugs and alcohol. During his bouts of inebriation, she says he has nearly allowed their young daughter to drown in the ocean, he abuses his son from a previous marriage and he has tried to strangle Jenn multiple times.

Guns N' Roses' Slash wants end to divorce

Whether an Ohio spouse's income is massive or below the national average, there are still obligations he or she may have to fulfill after a divorce. If there are children born from the relationship, one parent might be ordered by the court to pay child support. Should the family consist only of the couple, one may be required to pay spousal support. The 13-year marriage between Guns N' Roses guitarist, Slash, and his wife is slowly coming to an end, after he filed for divorce four years ago.

The divorce is coming along too slowly, according to Slash. He feels is wife, Perla Ferrar, is doing everything she can to drag out the divorce, and he has asked the judge to make a decision as soon as possible. He has agreed to not only pay Ferrar $100,000 each month in spousal support but an equalization payment of over $6.5 million, as well.

These child custody tips can help during summer vacation

As a parent, you may not look forward to summer vacation. After all, you still have to work even when your kids are enjoying time away from school.

If you're divorced, you know that summer vacation has a way of bringing child custody disputes to the forefront.

Forgery allegations during divorce lands man in hot water

Ohio residents may know of people who have tried some outrageous stunts when going through a divorce. Hiding assets so they will not be considered in property division, cutting off the money supply to the future ex and false accusations of abuse and adultery are just some of the dirty tricks that have been used by spouses wanting out of their marriages. One attorney has been suspended from practicing law in his home state because of some information revealed during divorce proceedings from his wife.

The Referee report from the Supreme Court in the man's state of residence claims he knew the papers for a loan modification on their house had been forged with his ex-wife's signature. The report did not specifically name him as the person who actually falsified the document, however. In several places, the report also expressed doubt as to the reliability of his testimony on the subject.

"Southern Charm" star requesting sole child custody

There are numerous reasons an Ohio parent may seek sole child custody over the other parent. There may be cases of physical or emotional abuse, lifestyle choices of one parent that may cause harm to the child or even revenge. Kathryn Dennis, cast member of Bravo's "Southern Charm," is seeking sole child custody of the two children she has with ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel.

Ravenel was granted full custody of both children, ages 4 and 2, in 2016, when Dennis failed a drug test. In addition, she had to pay him child support each month in the amount of $100. However, the two have an upcoming court appearance, during which Dennis plans to request that full custody of both children be transferred to her and that Ravenel be ordered to pay her, the custodial parent, a fair amount of child support.

State agency gets involved in child custody matter

Ohio child custody battles usually involve parents who are no longer together. Less common, although still numerous, are situations where the state takes custody of a child for one reason or another. One couple is fighting for child custody after they say they were just trying to help their son.

The mother and stepfather of a teenager were recently arrested for giving the boy marijuana. They were charged with reckless conduct, a misdemeanor offense that will stay on their records permanently since they entered a guilty plea. Once they were arrested, the state's Division of Family and Children Services got involved and took the boy from his parents.

Preparation for mediation is imperative

Many divorces are resolved through mediation. This process is appropriate for people who can work together to resolve a host of issues. It isn't something that should be considered if there is any type of abuse in the relationship.

If you and your ex are going to go through mediation, you should make sure that you are prepared when you head into the first session. This isn't always easy to do, but the more you prepare, the less stress you are likely going to feel during the process.

Man fights child custody battle for child that is not his

Some Ohio parents who have gone through a custody battle know how emotionally, financially and even physically draining it can be. However, all the frustration is worth the gift that can be received at the final ruling. One man is fighting a child custody battle for a child that, as it turns out, is not even his.

The man, a sergeant in the U.S. Army and currently stationed out of the country, and his wife were expecting a baby. Before the child was born, however, the mother confessed the man was not the father. After some thought, he made the decision to adopt the child, as he was adopted and wanted to give this baby the same opportunities he had. However, the day the mother was to give birth, she lied to her husband's sister and told her the baby died during birth.

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