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CEO files for divorce from wife

It can be hard for an Ohio couple to divide assets under any circumstances. However, when the couple has amassed a fortune at some point, the divisions in a divorce can get complicated. Talent agent and co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor, Ari Emanuel, and his wife, Sarah Addington, have some issues to sort out concerning their divorce.

Emanuel just recently filed for divorce, and on the surface, it looks like he would have to split his massive fortune with Addington. In 2016, a $4 billion acquisition of the Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise set the stage for tremendous personal wealth through the assets generated by the UFC. In his divorce petition, Emanuel asked that any money he earned after the couple separated to be excluded from the capital they shared.

Jon and Kate embroiled in child custody battle

Two Ohio parents who do not get along often have a nightmare situation when trying to come to a fair custody agreement. When they are not willing to work together, the court has to intervene to determine a child custody resolution. Kate and Jon Gosselin are back in the news and will be going back to court for a child custody decision on their son, Collin.

The former couple made headlines several years ago when Jon claimed Kate had placed Collin in a facility for children with special needs, not only without Jon's consent but also not letting him know the location of the facility. Jon filed for custody of Collin in October, with his attorneys claiming it was in the boy's best interests to be released into Jon's care when Collin was able to leave the facility. During a recent father/son visitation, an observer claimed the boy seemed to be happy to be with his dad.

Parents fight state agency in child custody battle

A child protective agency can be invaluable in cases of child abuse. However, when caseworkers exploit their authority in a child custody situation, it can mean unnecessary heartache for parents and children. Ohio parents may be interested in a judge's ruling against CPS in a recent child custody case.

During the summer, a mother took her infant son to the emergency room after he had fallen and hit his head. The boy had an MRI that showed another injury for which the mother could not give an answer. Because they feared both injuries were a result of child abuse, CPS removed the boy and his 2-year-old sister from the parents' home and placed them with relatives.

Mediation is an option for worried parents considering divorce

Choosing to end your marriage is often one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. If you have children, that will likely complicate what is already an emotional and difficult decision. As a parent, you likely understand that a divorce will have a profound impact on your children. However, it is possible to end a marriage without exposing your children to the worst aspects of divorce.

Avoiding fighting in front of your children, not asking them to take sides and refraining from belittling the other parent are all good practices. Uncontested divorces are an ideal solution for parents who want to shield their children from the emotional consequences of divorce. If you believe it is possible to work with your ex, mediation could be an option in your divorce.

Divorce finalized for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

An Ohio couple may or may not have an easy time coming to a settlement when ending their marriage. If there was a lot of conflict in the marriage, there may be just as much or more with a divorce. While Anna Faris and Chris Pratt filed for divorce nearly a year ago, the finalization was just reached days ago. Some of the terms may be surprising for such high-profile entertainers.

The two were married eight years and had a son, Jack, who is now six. The main emphasis on the agreement they reached dealt with Jack's well-being and not on their egos. They have both made it very clear he is not to be negatively impacted by their separate lives, and they will make every effort to maintain a friendly relationship with each other.

Years-long child custody dispute settled

Acting in the best interest of the child is where every Ohio custody battle should ultimately focus. That may or may not mean granting full child custody privileges to a parent. For eight years, a child custody battle has raged over a girl who is now 11 years of age.

In 2008, the girl's father was shot and killed by her maternal grandmother. Although the girl's mother retained custody of her, the court granted the paternal grandparents visitation rights. The mother did not want her former in-laws to have contact with their granddaughter and fled to another state in 2010 to evade the court order. That state refused extradition action, but a few years later, the mother moved them again to a third state, where she was arrested and the girl was sent to live with her paternal aunt and uncle.

Alex Rodriguez's ex wants increase in spousal support

Although it seems like the settlement agreed upon by both parties after the ending of an Ohio marriage should be final, many times, it is not. Often, the two will have to revisit certain items, such as child and spousal support. Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez wants a reduction in the amount of spousal support he pays his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

The couple married in 2002 after a prenuptial agreement was signed. Just two months before their sixth anniversary, Scurtis filed for divorce, and they established a settlement within three months. For the last 10 years, Rodriguez has paid $115,000 each month in support, not just for his ex-wife but for their two daughters, ages 13 and 10. Scurtis is currently wanting nearly half of that amount for herself.

Divorce filing by wife of infomercial celebrity

The ending of a marriage may bring joy to some Ohio couples but extreme heartache to others. While one future ex is anticipating the excitement of a new life after a divorce, another may be wondering how to handle life as a mostly single parent. Will there be spousal support, and will the needed child support come as promised each month? Offer Shlomi, or Vince Offer professionally, and his wife, Melody Barney, are getting a divorce.

Although the name may not be one consumers recognize, the face is familiar to some, as Offer hawked several goods via infomercial, the ShamWow being one of them. A report stated that the two were married in 2014 after dating nearly two years. Offer has mentioned that he was quite the partier years ago, but a legal incident in 2009 forced him to take a look at his life. He chose to be more responsible going forward.

Bring these things to your first divorce consultation

Ending a marriage is never an easy process. It can take weeks or months to come to a settlement agreement with your ex before you sign the divorce papers. For example, it could take several days of negotiation for you to decide what to do with your home. It might take even longer to reach a decision about the child custody arrangement and the co-parenting agreement.

Dividing assets and debts and working out a custody schedule are complicated and often stressful processes. Due to this complexity, it is extremely important to stay organized so that you can ensure your needs and those of your children are being met.

Television producer and wife split millions in divorce settlement

"More money, more problems" is a saying many Ohio residents may have heard before. When going through a divorce, this saying just may be the truth. When a couple has fewer assets and liabilities, it may not seem nearly as tough to agree on a satisfactory division as when assets are held in abundance. Producer Steve Levitan and wife Krista accumulated millions during the length of their marriage and have finally settled on how those assets will be distributed now that their divorce is final.

Although Levitan may not be a household name, fastidious television comedy devotees may recognize him as the producer and creator of several popular shows over the years. After 23 years of marriage and three children, Krista filed for divorce in 2016. A report at the time claimed there was no prenuptial agreement between the two. She also accused him at one time of assault and requested a restraining order against him. A judge rejected the motion.

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