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April 2012 Archives

New study connects shorter life to longer marriage

Residents of Columbus, Ohio, may be curious to learn more about a recently released research report. The new study has researchers believing that a shorter life expectancy may increase the likelihood that a person chooses to stay married. Though this means that death will occur sooner, it could mean that a marriage will last longer.

New bill looks to protect custody rights of service members

A proposal that has been discussed for years has the potential to become a law once again. The legislation will protect the child custody rights of men and women who are active members of the military. It has been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives six times in the past. Upon each approval by the House, the Senate Armed Services Committee has fought against it.

Pet custody cases increasing

According to reports, it seems that the national number of pet custody cases has increased in recent years. Some have suggested that this may be due to a change in the legal mentality concerning pets, which used to be divided like property during a divorce. Others believe that the number of domestic partnerships, civil unions and same-sex marriages -- and their breakups -- may be contributing to this rise in pet custody cases.

Man does not receive jail time for disobeying court order

A 37-year-old father from Cincinnati will not be jailed after ceasing a court-ordered apology to his estranged wife that was occurring on a daily basis. According to reports, he was required to post the apology -- written by the judge -- to his Facebook page every day before 9 a.m. for a month. This allowed him to avoid a 60-day jail sentence and a $500 fine.

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