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Month: June 2017

How your divorce attorney can help you

It's finally happened — you're ready to move forward with the divorce, but you don't know exactly what to do next. There's no need for embarrassment, this is far more common than you might think.After all, if you've never divorced before, how could you be...

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Baseball star is getting a divorce

Whether it is in the political arena, movies and television, or sports, celebrities in each field should know their private lives are no longer their own once they have reached a certain level of stardom. Unfortunately, it is more often the troubles of divorce,...

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Kevin Dillon and wife divorce

There are many reasons an Ohio couple may decide to get a divorce. Whatever those reasons may be, it is wise to keep different types of records, especially having to do with finances and important dates that can be produced for any court proceedings. Kevin Dillon, one...

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