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Kevin Dillon and wife divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2017 | Divorce

There are many reasons an Ohio couple may decide to get a divorce. Whatever those reasons may be, it is wise to keep different types of records, especially having to do with finances and important dates that can be produced for any court proceedings. Kevin Dillon, one of the stars of HBO’s Entourage, and his wife Jane Stuart have found out just how important those types of records can be now that their divorce has concluded.

In July 2016, Ms. Stuart filed divorce papers with the court, stating the couple had been separated for just over a month. Not only were those papers lost in the system, but Dillon claims they were actually separated in 2008, just two years after they were married. A separation that long ago could mean all the money he earned from his HBO series would remain his separate property.

Ms. Stuart claims Dillon has earned over $16 million from his show but did not report that much to the court so that he would not have to pay so much in child and spousal support. The two were able to work out the financial arrangements without the benefit of a trial, with Dillon paying just over $3,000 each month in support of his daughter, who is 11 years old. He will pay around $7,000 per month to his ex for spousal support.

These days the public sees social media posts full of divorces selfies and divorce parties, where everyone seems to be happy with not a care in the world. While this new trend is welcome news to many who have successfully ended their marriages, the fact remains that property division, child custody and other difficult issues require careful thought and preparation. A divorce attorney who knows the laws specific to Ohio can help a person sort out financial and other important issues in order to achieve a lasting and comprehensive settlement. 

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