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August 2012 Archives

Story of teenage mother could give hope to some

The story of a woman married at 14, made a mother 10 months later and divorced at 16 may prove insightful to some Ohio spouses. Her husband was abusive and, because of this, he was served with divorce papers. Once he found out about her intentions, the man came to her parents' house where she was living at the time accosted her, removing the rings that he bestowed upon her.

Art collection valued at $102 million at center of divorce

Few couples in Ohio have experienced a marital split in which only one category of assets is valued at more than $100 million. However, that is what happened when a retired Microsoft executive and his wife went separate ways. But what was the category of assets that was valued at more than $100 million? Artwork.

Co-parenting can be destructive if exes aren't careful

Too often, divorce is the foundation for a wall that divides a child's parents. Though the marriage is over and the love may be gone, a child remains. That child needs to be cared for, regardless of the feelings that former spouses might harbor for one another. This means a co-parenting plan must be created for the best interests of the child.

Costs of divorce number many, second divorce adds more

Divorce can cost a lot. Many in Columbus, Ohio, have found this out the hard way after spending months in court. Going through the first divorce is hard, but imagine a second one, especially if child support and alimony were awarded previously. Add in the short-term costs of attorney fees and court expenses along with more support and you could have a recipe for bankruptcy.

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