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January 2012 Archives

Man devastated by possible loss of "Star Trek" home in divorce

Every marriage has some possession that is important to one spouse and only tolerated by the other. When divorcing, these possessions can become issues in property division. When the much-loved possession is the home, however, those emotions can further complicate the post-divorce lives of the exes.

Donor and mother with former relationship fight over child

Same-sex couples in Ohio often go through situations similar to opposite-sex couples. They get together, break up and sometimes have children. One same-sex custody matter in another state is currently being litigated and it could end up in the Supreme Court. The case is one that Ohio residents should monitor.

Poker star's 2009 divorce case still not closed

After a massive divorce settlement finalized in early 2010, the ex-wife of star poker player Phil Ivey is unhappy. The couple's High Asset divorce saw the woman receive $180,000 in monthly alimony, more than $1 million in jewelry and a purse collection valued at more than $1.2 million.

Gay couple awarded custody after surrogate sister sued

The occurrence of nontraditional families is on the rise throughout Ohio and the nation. And if the outcome in a recent same-sex custody matter in another state says anything on the subject, the legal system may be on its way to a more tolerant view of gay parents.

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