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Child custody could cause parental insecurity in adulthood

As the nation moves forward on the topic of same-sex marriage, many family experts have begun considering the possibility of divorce in such an arrangement. Just like opposite-sex couples, a same-sex couple will need to address many issues during a split. These include property division, spousal support and child custody. Though the subject of children being raised by two women or two men is often seen as a hot-button topic amongst people who do not support same-sex couples, the fact of the matter is that gay people can be parents, too. If they choose to divorce, this means that a custody agreement will have to be arranged.

Could sharing child time be harmful?

A new study may be shaking up the way child custody determinations are arranged, if judges in Columbus, Ohio, choose to pay attention. According to the researchers involved, the number of overnights a child spends with the secondary caregiver during the first year of her or his life could cause some insecurities regarding the primary caregiver, be that the mother or the father. In typical custody arrangements, the primary caregiver is the mother, though.

New study affirms divorce fears over money arguments

Couples preparing for marriage should begin speaking about finances as soon as possible. Many people in Columbus, Ohio, have believed for years that the most heated arguments for some couples involve money. By addressing these issues early, soon-to-be spouses can determine how troublesome the topic will be before they have tied the knot. Many couples fail to do this, though, and according to a new study, arguments about money are the biggest indicator for divorce.

How will repeal of DOMA affect gay divorce, custody?

Even though a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act has been repealed, same-sex couples in Ohio and other states may still feel the bias and pressure from opponents of homosexuality. This is made possible by the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to leave Section 2 of DOMA intact while repealing Section 3. In Section 2, states are allowed to deny marriages that are accepted and acknowledged in other states. In Section 3, the federal government chose not to recognize same-sex marriages and therefore barred the many benefits provided to marriages involving opposite-sex spouses -- this is no longer the case, though.

Study results showcase importance of custody rulings

A divorce can set off a number of events for the couple that is involved. Property division is often one that sparks concern on both sides of the table as is spousal support. But if the spouses share a daughter or son, child custody may be more important than both of these. Many divorced parents in Columbus, Ohio, can vouch for this possibility and some have seen the effects of it play out in court.

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