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November 2012 Archives

Holidays can be hard for parents sharing custody

The holiday season can be a hard time for divorced parents in Columbus, Ohio. Many deal with the stressors of sharing custody during other times of year, but the holidays bring with them a different set of factors that can make one parent resent the fact that the other became the primary parent during the child custody determination.

Lying about finances during a divorce is illegal

According to the results of a survey, divorcing women in Ohio should be more prepared than divorcing men during the split. Reports indicate that men are more likely to lie about their financial situation during a divorce than women are: In a High Asset divorce, this can result in a considerably different property division process.

More marital splits among baby boomers, study says

While divorce rates throughout the nation have seemed to stabilize, there is one demographic that has surprised many. As this blog has written about previously, that demographic includes the baby boom generation --adults between the ages of 46 and 64. A study conducted by Bowling Green State University in Ohio found that the divorce rate amongst that demographic has increased by 50 percent in the past 20 years. Data shows that the divorce rate for the same age range in 1970 was only 13 percent.

Focus on the children during divorce

Married couples who cannot communicate well and work together to accept their differences may find themselves divorcing. Many couples have gone their separate ways in Columbus, Ohio, and these individuals know that a divorce can be an extremely tough time. When spouses split, it is likely that each of them will focus on themselves in order to address emotional and financial issues that are becoming apparent due to the divorce and the processes that come along with it.

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