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June 2014 Archives

Children's input is valued in Ohio child custody cases

Does a child's opinion matter to a court? It does in Columbus child custody cases, although a child's preferences are one among several factors considered by the court. The Ohio State Bar Association emphasizes that the best interests of the child come above all individual considerations.

Curbing the urge to let a Columbus divorce dominate your life

Everything can appear to be falling apart when a Columbus marriage ends. Spouses easily can become consumed by countless details and confusing emotions during divorce. It's not unusual for spouses to become temporarily dysfunctional, but take care -- employers are watching.

Victims could strip rapists of parental rights under Ohio bill

Ohio family law judges encourage former couples to work together to raise children, even when Columbus parents no longer want to be with one another. A parent with physical child custody provides the home where children reside, with visitation privileges accorded to the non-custodial parent. Legal custody gives a parent decision-making power over the children's welfare.

Unraveling assets in later life Columbus divorces

The longer you've been with a spouse, the more assets and liabilities you likely have in common. Property and debt accumulated during marriage, not otherwise designated as separate property, is marital property and subject to division during an Ohio divorce. Financial upheaval can be shocking for Columbus couples who choose to divorce later in life.

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