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March 2013 Archives

Supreme Court could have effects on same-sex marriage, divorce

While many same-sex couples are fighting for marriage rights, some are also seeking the rights to a proper divorce. This fight is not as widely noticed as the struggle for same-sex marriage equality, but it is definitely apparent. One of the major issues that often comes up in same-sex custody matters is the matter of parental rights itself. This makes a divorce instantly complicated -- not because of the emotional and financial tension that a divorce creates, but due to something more fundamental: the laws surrounding the matter.

Divorce and alimony in older couples

With divorce comes the possibility that spousal support will be required. Many dissolving marriages in Columbus, Ohio, may be finding this unnecessary as a portion of relationships are made of spouses that both work and have similar incomes. This is not always the case though, as many do not have similar incomes while other relationships have only one income generator. These latter cases of divorce will likely include an arrangement for alimony.

New study finds that divorce affects children's religion

Parents in Ohio and throughout the U.S. often blame themselves for the hurt that children feel during a divorce. Though splits often cause stress and anxiety for parents and children alike, it seems that there may be more effects created by the divorce. According to a recent study, religion can become a casualty of the divorce. Researchers found that this was the case for children that went through a divorce involving two religious parents.

High court upholds co-parenting agreement of same-sex couple

When a same-sex custody issue occurs in the legal system, it often makes it into the news. This does not just apply to Columbus, Ohio - it applies to the whole country. Usually, the case ends with the biological parent of the involved child or children having full custody, but a recent ruling by a state Supreme Court found that a co-parenting agreement between two same-sex partners was valid and would be upheld. This same sex custody matter ends much differently than they usually do.

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