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High court upholds co-parenting agreement of same-sex couple

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2013 | Uncategorized

When a same-sex custody issue occurs in the legal system, it often makes it into the news. This does not just apply to Columbus, Ohio – it applies to the whole country. Usually, the case ends with the biological parent of the involved child or children having full custody, but a recent ruling by a state Supreme Court found that a co-parenting agreement between two same-sex partners was valid and would be upheld. This same sex custody matter ends much differently than they usually do.

Two women involved in a relationship for some time had two children through artificial insemination. The couple created a co-parenting agreement, something that many couples do not do. After the couple split, the nonbiological mother sought parental rights through the agreement, asking for custody and visitation. A District Court agreed with her petition and awarded her parenting time. That was when the biological mother appealed.

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