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April 2015 Archives

Alimony: know your rights and potential financial obligations

Ohio couples know that financial matters are some of the most complicated issues of a divorce. Property division, alimony and child support are some of the most commonly disputed matters, even between couples who aim to avoid litigation. If facing a divorce, it is important to protect personal financial interests by understanding eligibility for alimony or possible financial obligations.

Is it possible to divorce and maintain financial security?

It is normal to have financial concerns during divorce. When two people extricate their personal lives and finances, it can be a complex and emotional process that will have a direct impact on financial futures. Many Ohio couples facing this complicated legal process wonder if it is possible to maintain financial stability after a divorce and how to make decisions that will allow for a secure future. 

Divorce in the digital age

Ohio readers are well aware that technology, social media and constant connectivity has changed the fabric of society. As these changes have impacted every other aspect of life, it is only natural to assume that these advances will continue impact the divorce process. Just recently, a judge in another state allowed a woman to serve her husband divorce papers through the social media platform of Facebook. 

Protecting children from the negative effects of divorce

Divorce may be difficult for parents, but it always has a long-term impact on the children. Ohio parents make a great effort to protect their children during a divorce, but it may be useful to consider things from the children's viewpoint when making important divorce decisions. Parents can strive to work together and individually to ease the transitions that occur when a marriage ends. 

Certain events may increase the likelihood for divorce

Ohio residents know that certain traumatic occurrences or major events can cause strife and discord in marriages. In fact, there are certain life events that may lead to a higher chance of a divorce. These major events can increase tension as spouses deal with stressors, and, once the upheaval has passed, a couple may find that the entire relationship dynamic has changed. 

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