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Certain events may increase the likelihood for divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2015 | Divorce

Ohio residents know that certain traumatic occurrences or major events can cause strife and discord in marriages. In fact, there are certain life events that may lead to a higher chance of a divorce. These major events can increase tension as spouses deal with stressors, and, once the upheaval has passed, a couple may find that the entire relationship dynamic has changed. 

One of the main stressors that can impact a marriage is a prolonged or serious illness. Medical issues tend to generate a lot of debt, compounding the emotional difficultly of medical treatment and recovery. Child birth may have a similar impact on a marriage, as it is a major medical and life event. The changed family dynamic resulting from a new baby can also add stress to a marriage. 

A new job can be a positive thing for an Ohio couple, but it can bring major changes to a marriage. New work hours, more pressure or traveling for a job can cause feelings of isolation and anger. Any major shifts in a couple’s finances or schedules, including living apart or becoming empty nesters, may also increase the chance that a couple will find irreconcilable differences in a marriage and eventually seek a divorce. 

Divorce is a major life event in itself and is often preceded by trauma, major life changes or a prolonged period of stress and pressure. Regardless of the reasons behind the dissolution of a marriage, a couple will likely benefit from working toward a mutually beneficial divorce settlement. With proper guidance, such a settlement can be obtained without the need for time-consuming and costly litigation.

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