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Child Support

Westerville Ohio Child Support Lawyer

During the time our attorneys have served Franklin and Delaware County area families, our major focus has been on the future welfare of your children. Our attorneys will discuss with you your goals for your children in the child support phase of your contested divorce or marital dissolution.

Nontaxable child support is calculated in Ohio by a statutory schedule based upon the income of the parties, the number of children and a range of other factors. This schedule is commonly referred to as the child support guidelines.

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Personal Attention, Experienced Counsel

Child support factors allowed for in Ohio’s revised code, which a court considers in sole residential parent situations and which we can assist in resolving at Treneff Cozza Law, LLC, include:

  • Any special and unusual needs of the children
  • Extraordinary obligations for the children
  • Court-ordered payments
  • Extended parenting time or extraordinary costs associated with parenting time
  • Additional employment for a nonresidential parent after a support order is issued in order to support a second family
  • Financial resources of the child
  • Physical and emotional needs of the child
  • Disparity in income between the parties
  • Benefits received by either party from remarriage or shared expenses
  • Federal, state and local taxes paid by a parent
  • Significant in-kind contributions from a parent, as in payments for lessons, sports equipment, clothing, religious training or schooling
  • Relative financial resources of each parent
  • The standard of living that each parent and the child would have enjoyed if the marriage had continued
  • The need and capacity of the child for educational opportunities

Child support orders are payable until a child becomes 18 years old or graduates from high school, whichever occurs last. These orders can continue until age 19 if a child is still attending high school full-time. Modifications of child support may be requested and granted so long as the court maintains jurisdiction over a child.

Our Ohio family law firm has been an asset to Franklin and Delaware County area clients in areas of contested and uncontested divorces, child custody and support, visitation rights and interstate child support.

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