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Treneff Cozza Law, LLC is a family law firm focusing exclusively on the needs of clients in Franklin and Delaware counties and surrounding areas of central Ohio. We also serve out-of-state clients in practice areas such as interstate custody and support.

Our skilled family law attorneys’ long-term commitment to each client, individually and as families and businesses, features an emphasis on personal attention, knowledgeable counsel and cutting-edge domestic relations technology. This blend of traditional approaches and technological solutions consistently produces positive results for the people we serve.

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Personal Attention, Experienced Counsel

For 30 years of service to clients in the Greater Westerville area, we’ve helped achieve solutions and closure in vital family law matters:

Divorce — Protection of your interests while fostering a cooperative atmosphere over unnecessary litigation

Dissolution — An amicable solution if you agree on property, custody and support

Legal Separation by agreement or litigation

Property Division — Sophisticated knowledge of retirement funds, business and property valuations, and forensic analysis of the other party’s income and assets

Prenuptial Agreements to preserve wealth when entering marriage

Child Custody and Visitation — Workable parenting arrangements, or litigation for primary custody, including:

Child Support

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Paternity and Parenting Rights

Post-Decree Modification or Enforcement of custody or support

Family Law Appeals

You will appreciate the approach of our experienced and compassionate lawyers: by applying comprehensive family law knowledge, customized personal service and the latest domestic relations software, we regularly achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

From years of handling business and property valuations in divorce, Craig Treneff has extended his practice into commercial property valuation appeals to help businesses and property owners substantially reduce their tax burden.

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