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Divorce and Family Law Appeals

Appealing Divorce and Custody Decrees

Everyone who loses in family court thinks the judge got it wrong. In most cases, there is no recourse for an unfavorable ruling — that is the risk when going to trial. However, if the judge’s decision was an abuse of discretion, a clear deviation from the law or based upon facts that were either false or improperly admitted into evidence, there may be grounds for an appeal.

The Treneff Cozza Law, LLC has successfully appealed family and juvenile court cases concerning:

  • Divorce decrees, especially errors in property division
  • Child custody decrees (divorcing or unmarried parents)
  • Financial support orders (child support, alimony)
  • Modification hearings (custody, visitation and support)
  • Parent relocation
  • Contempt of court proceedings

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Grounds for Appeals in Ohio Family Law

To prevail, a divorce appeal or other appeal must prove an abuse of discretion. It cannot simply be any mistake or technicality, but a ruling so egregious as to be arbitrary and capricious.

Contrary to popular belief, appellate courts do not actually retry the case. Appeals court judges base decisions upon the record and transcripts of the original case and the arguments of attorneys. To reverse a lower court’s decision, the Appeals Court must find that the manifest weight of the evidence showed that the trial judge exceeded authority, deviated from the law, incorrectly excluded key information, admitted improperly obtained evidence or patently favored one party over the other.

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