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Third Party Contested Custody in Ohio

Grandparents and Others Seeking Child Custody

When a child’s welfare is at stake, family members or other persons can petition the court to take custody away from the natural parent who is absent or unfit. These can be bitter fights, and the Ohio courts set a high standard for granting custody or visitation to non-parents.

Treneff Cozza Law, LLC provides strong and knowledgeable legal advocacy for third party contested custody. Our lawyers practice in the Columbus area and surrounding jurisdictions of central Ohio. Arrange a consultation today.

Third Party Contested Custody

We have represented grandparents, aunts and uncles, adult siblings and other relatives who are stepping up to protect the best interests of a baby, child or teenager. A family friend, care provider or other advocate who is not related to the child can also sue for custody to protect the child’s rights. These petitions are heard in juvenile court.

Treneff Cozza Law, LLC has handled non-parent petitions for co-custody or companionship. The court requires proof that the biological parent is unsuitable (unfit) on the basis of abandonment, neglect, child abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, or other dangers to the child’s well-being.

One common scenario is contested child custody after a parent dies. We have asserted grandparent rights to custody if the surviving biological parent is unfit to provide for the child. We have also represented biological parents in fending off third party custody petitions.

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