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Interstate Child Custody

Ohio Jurisdiction in Custody Disputes

Child custody gets complicated when parents relocate from one state to another. One common problem is that the state that issued the original custody order retains jurisdiction. However, it is possible to bring the order into Ohio, or enforce out-of-state disputes in Ohio courts.

The federal Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) is a model interstate act that Ohio has adopted, which provides for the registration, enforcement and modification of child custody determinations in Ohio.

At Treneff Cozza Law, LLC in Westerville, we know these laws and the sweeping effects they can have on your life. Our lawyers provide experienced counsel for interstate child custody matters for clients in the Columbus area and surrounding central Ohio.

Interstate Child Custody

Custody determinations may arise from divorce, dissolution, legal separation, neglect actions, dependency actions, guardianships, paternity cases or domestic violence cases. The court that issued the initial order always has jurisdiction unless certain criteria are met to change it. The only exception is if the original jurisdiction is determined to be an “inconvenient forum.”

If the original jurisdiction is no longer relevant (both parents have moved away) or convenient, and one parent has resided in a new state for at least six months, that parent can then seek to register, modify or enforce a custody order under the new state’s jurisdiction.

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Our attorneys have represented clients on either side of these matters: parents who have relocated to Ohio, parents whose ex-spouse/co-parent has relocated out-of-state, and parents living in adjacent states whose custody order is still registered in Ohio.

We can help in any interstate child custody scenario:

  • Registering a custody order in Ohio
  • Modification of custody or visitation under Ohio laws
  • Enforcement of visitation rights (in or out of Ohio)
  • Seeking or challenging parent relocation
  • Motions to determine that Ohio is inconvenient

Child support orders of another state may be similarly registered, enforced and modified according to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA).

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