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Business and Property Valuations in Divorce

A closely held company, professional practice or commercial real estate can throw a wrench into the division of marital assets, making the process much more difficult. There are complex and debatable issues that must be addressed when assigning a monetary value to a business or real property. And if an ownership stake is retained by one party, the other spouse is generally accordingly compensated with other assets.

Treneff Cozza Law, LLC has substantial experience in business valuations and commercial property valuations in Ohio divorce. We have represented business owners or their spouses in these sometimes hotly contested disputes.

Our lawyers routinely handle high-asset and complex divorces in Columbus, Franklin County and throughout the central Ohio area. Arrange a consultation today for a thorough analysis of your business and real property.

Closely Held Companies

There are many factors in determining the value of stock in a privately held corporation, or the ownership interest in an LLC, partnership or joint venture. Our attorneys stay up to date on relevant issues and hires professional evaluators and property appraisers as necessary to determine value. What are the assets and goodwill of the company worth? What is the capitalized income after appropriate discounts? Is it a controlling or minority interest? Can interests be readily sold?

Professional Practices

Dental and medical practices can be especially tricky to untangle. The doctors or dentists of the group often have personal assets commingled. We consider buy-sell agreements, Medicaid reimbursements, whether the practice owns the building, and many other discounts or complicating issues.

Commercial Property

Our attorneys determine the appropriate valuation method to capitalize net operating income and market value of real property, and consults with commercial real estate appraisers or compares sales of similar property to corroborate the value.

No matter how meticulously prepared, valuations of a business or real property are always subject to different interpretations. But the attorneys have the trial experience and familiarity with these sophisticated analyses to defend their evaluation or cross-examine the other party’s experts in court.

Treneff Cozza Law, LLC also has been successful in commercial property revaluations to reduce tax assessments, saving property owners thousands or even millions in taxation.

When representing the business owner in a divorce, our goal is to allow the company or professional practice to continue operations unfettered while still negotiating fair consideration for the spouse.

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