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Property Division

Ohio Divorce and Division of Property Lawyer

For divorcing couples with sizable wealth, marital property division can require appraisals by real estate and business valuation experts, forensic accountants, and above all, respected Ohio family law attorneys who understand your emotional as well as financial bottom line. You deserve to know the potential impact on your family’s morale as well as the tax implications of what you are undertaking.

Our law firm’s attorneys offer personal attention to your issues and experienced counsel in the courtroom. Divorce and property division clients have come to us for answers for the past 30 years.

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Personal Attention, Experienced Counsel

During that all-important initial consultation, we will tell you about distributive awards and the distinctions to be drawn between marital property, separate property, marital assets and intangible assets. We’ll explain the differences between private QDROs and DOPOs, involving state pension plans.

We’ll make sure you are aware of the need for the valuation of property or assets and the meaning of equitable distribution. We investigate to find hidden assets or misreported income by your former spouse. We rely on advance computer technology to complete financial investigations so that we can protect our clients’ rights and make sure you receive what you deserve, in contentious domestic relations situations.

Our 30 years of service to Westerville and Franklin County clients is proof-positive of our commitment to people like you. We can protect your property division interests and your children’s future.

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