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Poker star’s 2009 divorce case still not closed

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce

After a massive divorce settlement finalized in early 2010, the ex-wife of star poker player Phil Ivey is unhappy. The couple’s High Asset divorce saw the woman receive $180,000 in monthly alimony, more than $1 million in jewelry and a purse collection valued at more than $1.2 million.

Additionally, Ivey took on $170,000 in credit card debt and more than $15 million in other debt, some of which stemmed from gambling. With so many assets switching hands, the results of this divorce case may be pertinent to high-value couples in Ohio.

But certain behaviors and events caused Ivey’s former spouse to file a motion that brought new issues to light. After acquiring a new attorney, the woman discovered that her ex-husband had made campaign contributions to the judge that oversaw their divorce. Ivey had donated $5,000 to the judge’s campaign funds. According to reports, Ivey’s attorneys also made contributions.

In addition, the divorce settlement had a stipulation in it that would eliminate Ivey’s alimony payments if he stopped receiving income from Tiltware LLC, the parent company of his poker sponsor. According to the woman, she received alimony payments from January 2010 to April 2011, when the federal government shut down his sponsor. Documents showed that Ivey was making $920,000 a month from Tiltware.

Since then, the woman has motioned for the disqualification of the couple’s current divorce judge because his interests are allegedly biased due to the campaign contributions. A district judge denied the motion, but the woman’s attorney has petitioned the state Supreme Court in the hopes that it will hear the case.

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