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The differences between divorce and dissolution

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Blog, Divorce

On your wedding day, you likely thought your marriage would last forever. Unfortunately, life creates many bumps in the road that easily leads to drifting apart.

When that happens, many find that divorce serves as the only option. While Ohio does not have the highest divorce rate around, it continues to see its fair share of divorces. In some cases, dissolution of the marriage provides a better option for legally ending a marriage.

The difference between divorce and dissolution

Although both options eventually have the same legal outcome, the processes of each vary greatly. The key difference between the two revolves around fault or the inability to agree upon terms. Going through a divorce means enlisting the help of the court system to determine a fair settlement. Dissolution involves the couple mutually agreeing on key issues, such as asset division and child custody.

The pros and cons of divorce

Divorce offers many advantages, especially for people who simply cannot get along or agree upon anything. The courts help resolve disputes and strive to ensure a balanced and equitable resolution. Divorce also requires a commitment both financially and regarding time. The process often takes a long time to happen and comes with a host of expenses, including legal and court fees.

The pros and cons of dissolution

For couples who still get along, dissolution often eases the process of going your separate ways. The spouses make all the decisions and submit the required documents to the court, making it more affordable and less time-consuming. Since it does not involve the courts, you cannot ask for a temporary order regarding child support or custody, as well as may lose out on any unknown assets.

Every separation has its own nuances, which makes looking at the different options important.

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