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Co-parenting is important when it’s possible

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2013 | Child Custody

When celebrities are covered in the news or on tabloids, the bulk of the content is usually centered on the horrible break-ups that they are going through and how they are dealing with these major life moments. Microscopic analyses of these individuals often yield the flaws that all people have. The coverage often gets passed down to individuals who consume it and use it to try to understand their own lives, possibly influencing major life choices of the readers. When celebrities exemplify proper behavior during a divorce, though, we all have a chance to learn something and take a lesson to heart.

Perhaps the most important lesson that can be learned is that co-parenting is often the ideal situation for couples who have decided to end their marriages. Child custody is a central topic for many divorcing couples in Columbus, Ohio, so the idea of co-parenting and the proper implementation of it are both very important. The problem is that many divorces do not represent a good model for co-parenting, especially those that are covered in the media. Still, some celebrities have found a way to come to terms with the divorce and the end of their relationships, yet still remember that some sort of communication and connection will still be apparent because of the fact that children are involved.

The romantic relationship may be over, but when you and your ex share children, the parenting relationship must remain intact. Many people forget this during the divorce process, especially if the custody determination is contentious. This means that not all parents will be able to maintain a good co-parenting situation. Those that do, however, often find that they are happier with the way their children are being raised.

One of the first steps people often take toward a solid co-parenting situation is drafting a parenting agreement during the divorce process. Understanding and respecting each other’s goals for raising the kids you made together are important – as long as the goals are reasonable. By discussing and creating a plan, many parents have set down the support system for a future with well-raised children, despite the divorce.

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