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What are some common communication styles between exes?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Divorce

Some of the many factors involved in getting a divorce include child custody agreements and the division of assets. Another consideration to note is the communication style between a person and their soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Here are some of the most common communication styles between exes and why they matter in Ohio.

Various styles of communication between exes

Some common communication styles that people may encounter during and after a divorce include the following:

  • One that is friendly and amicable, which can happen when couples separate due to reasons such as simply discovering that they are on different life paths
  • One that is relatively neutral, for example, where two parents politely discuss their kids but do not communicate much beyond that subject
  • One that is unfriendly or hostile, which can stem from years of abuse or can be the result of a particularly contentious divorce

These are only three of many styles, and all contain grey areas.

Why communication styles matter

Many people might think that their communication style with their ex no longer matters, as they no longer live together and have little or no contact with each other. However, it does still matter, especially if children are involved. For example, if someone shares custody of the kids with their ex and they and their ex’s communication style is hostile, it might be a safer option to get a third party involved when shuttling the kids back and forth.

When people know the communication style they share with their ex, they can make better decisions for all parties involved.

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