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The importance of co-parenting and parenting plans

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce

Finding ways to push through the pain and stress associated with divorce can be difficult for anyone, but for separated couples with children, it is even more important to find a way forward.

Creating a parenting plan that fosters healthy co-parenting and focuses on the best interests of the children is crucial for their well-being. How can you come to an agreement during this difficult time and co-parent with your ex?

The importance of co-parenting

Children are aware of much more than many people realize. Staying united and keeping the peace is incredibly important for their mental health during this time of upheaval. While it may not be your intention, your negative feelings can create stress for your child, too. Keep your lines of communication open to both your former wife or husband, as well as your children. Establishing a healthy routine can put some normalcy back into your kids’ lives.

The mindset for a parenting plan

Approaching the drafting of a parenting plan with the right mindset can make a difference in how you experience it and receive suggestions. Perhaps shifting the focus from making compromises to reaching a consensus will help to make the process seem more positive. No one likes to compromise, because the very concept of this means you will not get the thing you actually want. However, a consensus is a general agreement and suggests a shared opinion and solidarity.

Both parents have equal rights to their children, and cooperation can go a long way to fostering a healthy co-parenting arrangement.

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