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5 benefits of divorce mediation for parents

When parents decide to divorce, they often have one major concern: how will this divorce impact their children. If you are facing a divorce as a parent, you wonder what emotional impact the divorce will have on your kids. You may want to keep your divorce amicable, to save your children from experiencing a difficult custody battle.

For parents who want to spare their children and themselves from a contentious divorce, seeking mediation has a lot of benefits. Some of those include the following:

  1. Through mediation, you and your spouse have more control over the process. You work together to come to a child custody agreement and dividing assets, not leaving important decisions to a judge to decide. You and your spouse know your family better than anyone. Through mediation, you get to agree on how your divorce is settled.
  2. When you and your spouse mediate a child custody agreement together, you both are more likely to follow the custody agreement. If you and your spouse can agree to mediation, and work together to complete your custody schedule, you will feel the agreement is fair. You and your spouse won’t hold a grudge about it and likely will follow it.
  3. When you and your spouse choose mediation, your children won’t feel pressure to choose one parent’s side over the other’s. You and your spouse will work together to come to an agreement, reducing the conflict many parents face in divorce. Your children won’t be as emotionally torn by experiencing that conflict.
  4. By choosing divorce mediation, you and your spouse will learn how to co-parent better. Mediation helps divorcing parents learn to communicate with one another better. You work through important decisions together, which will make it easier to make future co-parenting decisions.
  5. With divorce mediation, you and your spouse will save time and money on your divorce, both important resources you can give to your children. If you don’t want your divorce to ravage your children’s college fund or your ability to keep the family home, choosing mediation will save money in court costs and attorney’s fees.

Divorcing parents often choose divorce mediation because they want what’s in their children’s best interests. They want to spare their children and themselves the pain and emotional turmoil of a difficult divorce and establish a strong co-parenting relationship for the future.

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