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4 signs your spouse wants to mediate your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Divorce

If your marriage is heading for divorce, you may be nervous about a public court battle. Fortunately, you have some options for ending your marriage without fighting with your spouse in open court. Divorce mediation is one of these.

Divorce mediation, a voluntary settlement process many couples use to end their marriages outside of court, has many benefits. It is not, however, right for every divorcing couple. After all, both spouses must agree to make a good-faith effort to reach an acceptable settlement. Nevertheless, if the following apply to your spouse, he or she may be ready to mediate your divorce.

1. You have simply grown apart

Plenty of individuals despise their spouses by the end of their marriages. If you and your husband or wife have simply grown apart, though, your partner may have no ill will toward you. Rather than fighting, your spouse may be amenable to a friendlier divorce.

2. You have a history of solving problems together

Even though your marriage is not working, you and your spouse may have solved a variety of complex problems together. If you and your husband or wife know how to work together, divorce mediation may be almost intuitive.

3. Your kids are your spouse’s top priority

Bitter court battles are not only hard on spouses, but they are also difficult for the kids. If you have children, you and your spouse likely want what is best for them. Using divorce mediation may provide a collaborative framework for your post-divorce co-parenting relationship.

4. You both want a solid financial future

Without question, a protracted divorce battle can be a significant drain on anyone’s finances. If you and your spouse want to save some money, mediation may be a better approach. While every divorce is different, mediation is often a cost-effective alternative to traditional court proceedings.

If you and your spouse want to have a solid financial future, divorce mediation may be right for you. By carefully considering your spouse’s divorce goals, though, you can gauge whether exploring a collaborative end to your marriage is the right approach.

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