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Mother, aunt of rapper’s daughter fight for child custody

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Child Custody

When Ohio adults fight over who will be the best guardian for a child, they can often overlook what would be the best situation for the child. Many times, the child custody dispute becomes a battle of which adult can gain the upper hand. The sister of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle is fighting for child custody over his 10-year-old daughter against the girl’s mother.

Samantha Smith has sought custody of the girl since Hussle was killed in late March. Smith feels the girl’s mother, Tanisha Foster, will not give her daughter the attention and care she requires. Since 2013, Foster and Hussle shared custody of the girl, with Foster keeping her during the week and Hussle keeping her over the weekends. According to Smith, the girl was in Hussle’s care most of the time near the time of his death. Smith also claims she helped keep the girl anytime she was needed so the girl would be comfortable with her as guardian.

Smith has already petitioned the court for custody, but it was denied because she tried to proceed without informing Foster of her intentions. She has enlisted the help of her other brother, known as Blacc Sam, hoping that it might help her case. She says she only wants to make sure the girl is surrounded by family who loves her.

All kinds of information can come out in a child custody case like this. Many times, the good and the bad of both parties can be what makes the decision for the judge. An Ohio attorney can ensure the court has the exact information needed for an informed judgement.

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