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Mediation is an option for worried parents considering divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Choosing to end your marriage is often one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. If you have children, that will likely complicate what is already an emotional and difficult decision. As a parent, you likely understand that a divorce will have a profound impact on your children. However, it is possible to end a marriage without exposing your children to the worst aspects of divorce.

Avoiding fighting in front of your children, not asking them to take sides and refraining from belittling the other parent are all good practices. Uncontested divorces are an ideal solution for parents who want to shield their children from the emotional consequences of divorce. If you believe it is possible to work with your ex, mediation could be an option in your divorce.

Mediation shields your children from a court battle

In many cases, the longer a divorce lasts, the more contentious it becomes. Both spouses may feel that they are in the right, and they may be willing to fight it out in court. That can lead to people saying cruel or embarrassing things about one another in court. It can also place a lot of strain on children.

Kids who have to watch their parents testify against one another will likely struggle with their parental relationships afterward. Similarly, the requirement for older children to voice their opinions in a custody dispute can strain the relationship between children and parents and create unnecessary stress for the kids.

In mediation, your children don’t have to be exposed at all to the custody proceedings. Instead, you and your ex can hammer out the details behind closed doors and then wait for a judge to approve the final agreement. Your children don’t even need to be present, and they certainly will not need to testify about their preferred custody outcome.

Mediation requires less time and fewer resources to complete

Parental arguments are only one way that divorce impacts children. It also diminishes the wealth of the family, which can impact the standard of living the children experience. Mediation is faster, and therefore cheaper, than a standard divorce.

Going through mediation instead of a protracted court battle helps you and your spouse keep more of your assets to yourself, instead of paying them to attorneys and the courts. The major concern about mediation is that it does require compromise from both parties.

If your relationship had issues with abuse, mediation may not be the best option. For many other couples, however, mediation is the best possible solution to a difficult situation. If you believe it is possible to work with your ex and compromise on key issues, mediation could be an ideal way to protect your children in your upcoming divorce.

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