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Divorce finalized for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Divorce

An Ohio couple may or may not have an easy time coming to a settlement when ending their marriage. If there was a lot of conflict in the marriage, there may be just as much or more with a divorce. While Anna Faris and Chris Pratt filed for divorce nearly a year ago, the finalization was just reached days ago. Some of the terms may be surprising for such high-profile entertainers.

The two were married eight years and had a son, Jack, who is now six. The main emphasis on the agreement they reached dealt with Jack’s well-being and not on their egos. They have both made it very clear he is not to be negatively impacted by their separate lives, and they will make every effort to maintain a friendly relationship with each other.

For the next five years, the two will be living within five miles of each other, with written notification to the other given at least three months in advance if a move takes one of them farther away. There is also to be advance notice for trips with Jack, the notification time varying, depending on the distance. They will share physical and legal custody and, instead of child or spousal support, will deposit money into a bank account set up for their son.

Not every ex-spouse makes the determination to be as straight-forward and agreeable with the other during a divorce. Some do their best to make the experience as difficult for their ex as possible. Whether a settlement takes a lot of negotiation or very little, an Ohio attorney will be required to make sure every element will hold up before a judge.

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