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Fathers frustrated in child custody battle

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2018 | Child Custody

In a bitter custody battle between Ohio parents, it is most often the children who lose. Some parents will choose any tactic as a way of retaliation in a child custody situation. A mother took her two daughters from their fathers and ran to family members living on an Indian reservation in an effort to avoid an awarding of child custody to the men.

Four years ago, the mother took the girls and fled to the reservation, after which she was convicted on charges of parental kidnapping. Since then, the fathers have been pursuing custody of their daughters. Although a tribal court ruled several months ago that the girls should be returned to their fathers who would assume custody, the mother’s sister, with whom the girls have been living on the reservation, filed an appeal.

The appellate court ruled to leave the girls with their aunt until they have more information from other official agencies as well as a written report on the welfare of the girls. The mother’s family has alleged abuse on the part of the fathers and is not willing to hand the girls over to their custody. However, the state court, which has also been involved in the proceedings, maintains there have never been any formal charges of abuse against the fathers. The attorney for one of the fathers has recommended that they take the case to federal court.

When parents choose to focus on themselves and not their children, there can be many complications, as this case shows. Finding an acceptable child custody solution does not have to be problematic. Following the advice from an experienced Ohio family law attorney can guide parents to a resolution to which both parents can abide.

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