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Woman surprised with a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | Divorce

Most Ohio couples end their marriages because at least one thing in the marriage is not working and they just are not able to come to an acceptable resolution. Sometimes, only one spouse wants to end the marriage, leaving the other bewildered and floundering, wondering what went wrong. One woman recently received a real shock at the news of her own divorce.

What surprised the woman was the fact that she never filed for divorce in the first place, nor did she even want one. However, only a few weeks ago, she got the notice her divorce was finalized. It appeared that her husband and his girlfriend had developed a major plot so they could be together.

Once an investigation began, it was discovered that the husband and the girlfriend were the ones who filed the papers. The girlfriend allegedly forged the wife’s signature, and then she was a witness for the husband in court. They have both been arrested and are presently in the county jail.

When a couple does decide the best option for them is a divorce, they will have a number of other questions that will need to be answered. The sheer stress of changing a settled lifestyle can lead to mistakes when trying to reach an agreement that is fair to both sides. Child custody and support matters, as well as significant asset and debt proprietorship, necessitate the utilization of an experienced Ohio attorney. Such a move will also help ensure the avoidance of costly mistakes and delays in the finalization of the divorce.

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