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Little sister of Leah Remini goes through divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Divorce

No matter how long an Ohio couple has been married, ending that marriage is rarely emotionally easy. Even the most acrimonious splits will often hold an element of remorse. The younger sister of actress Leah Remini, Shannon Farrara, and her ex-husband, William Kilmartin, have released the news that their divorce was granted a year ago.

The couple married in August 2008, but nearly to the day eight years later, Kilmartin filed for divorce. He claimed there were irreconcilable differences and asked the court to terminate the rights of either party to request alimony. There were no children from the marriage. Any debts or assets they had amassed as a couple were split between them, and Kilmartin paid Farrara $18,000 for her share in the home they bought.

Their life as a couple was displayed on screen for two seasons in Remini’s reality show about her family, and Kilmartin still supports Remini in several projects with which she is involved. Just one day after he filed for divorce, Kilmartin made the announcement on social media about his relationship with another woman. The new romance is evidently acceptable to Farrara, as the three of them have been photographed numerous times enjoying meals together since the divorce.

Even Ohio couples going through an amicable divorce need legal representation to ensure the interests of both parties are served. Should feelings and circumstances change for one ex as time passes, a binding contract will serve as protection for the other. An attorney who has thorough knowledge of the divorce laws of the state will work to reach an acceptable settlement for his or her client.

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