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NBA player Bryn Forbes settles on child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Child Custody

Settling on a child custody agreement may prove to be difficult among some Ohio parents. There are many factors to consider, but in every case the best situation for the child should be the motivating aspect of any arrangement. Bryn Forbes, NBA player for the Spurs and his ex-girlfriend, Raelynn Taylor, have agreed on a child custody plan for their two boys.

The two began dating in high school and had their first son not long after Forbes’ graduation. Upon the birth of their second son, they tried living together as a family as Forbes’ professional basketball career was taking off. When it did not work out, Taylor moved back home with the boys. After an unsuccessful reconciliation attempt a few months later, they both filed for sole custody of their sons.

Terms of the agreement they reached had both parties paying their own legal fees and Forbes paying Taylor a sum of $50,000 with no child support. Taylor will have the boys for 60 nights during the year in the boys’ home state, with Forbes picking up the tab for a place for the visitations as well as Taylor’s travel expenses. For the rest of the time, Forbes’ mother will be moving from her current state of residence to that of her son in order to help him care for the boys.

Reaching a child custody arrangement that is beneficial to the parents is also valuable to the well-being of the children. Because children can feel the tension between the adults even when no words are spoken, a mutual agreement can keep conflict at bay. In Ohio, an attorney can work with a parent to develop a suitable custody resolution.

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