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Woman seeking to divorce absentee husband

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Divorce

Nearly every person changes moods or behaviors over the course of his or her life. With some, it is a pleasant maturing but with others, it can be distressing to those closest to them. Ohio couples who have been or who are considering marriage often feel they know each other fairly well and have some certainty that they can adapt to spousal changes. If they cannot, divorce may be imminent. One woman is seeking a divorce under an unusual circumstance.

The woman met her husband in a restaurant five years ago. They dated for a year and got married. She told family and friends he was a really nice person. Once married, however, she says he began to change. A report on the situation did not give any details but matters got to such a point after a year into the marriage that she felt she needed to move out of the house they shared.

The woman wants to divorce her husband but now she cannot find him and has had no communication with him in over seven months. The petition for divorce is usually served in person or by means of media, such as a newspaper. For cases like this, however, the petition can be publicly posted, the approach this woman has chosen to take. The divorce petition posted at the local county court house gives the man just a few more weeks to respond before she heads to court to settle the matter without him.

Despite the circumstances that signal the end of a marriage, it can still be challenging to finalize the divorce. In the unusual case of an absentee spouse, an attorney’s advice is needed to ensure service of process is properly effected and the court has the required information for a decision. A skilled Ohio attorney will be able to assist clients going through such a trying time.

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