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Keegan-Michael Key’s divorce agreement approved by judge

Most Ohio residents would probably like to make more than their current earnings. In many cases, that would be wonderful, though in a divorce situation it is not always ideal. In high-asset divorce proceedings it seems that the more one spouse makes, the more that spouse has to relinquish. The terms of the divorce agreement between actor Keegan-Michael Key and his ex-wife Cynthia Blaise have recently been made public.

The two were married for 19 years until May of this year, at which time they agreed on divorce terms but were waiting on a judge to issue a final approval. Blaise receives $655,000 and a timeshare in Mexico as her part of a split of their assets. Key will retain his Tesla and several financial holdings.

Blaise will also get spousal support in the amount of $34,000 each month, as well as a portion of Key’s earnings over $2.1 million. However, a $700,000 per year ceiling has been set on what she can receive. Key will not be single much longer, as he has recently announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Elisa Pugliese.

Finding settlement amounts agreeable to both parties does not have to be difficult. When egos, damaged feelings and selfishness get in the way of level-headedness, it often takes an impartial negotiator to get the focus back to what is important, especially when children are involved. An attorney in Ohio who has experience in divorce settlements can guide a client to a fair and comprehensive settlement. In those cases where a settlement is simply not possible, the attorney can represent the client’s interest in court.

Source: New York Daily News, “Keegan-Michael Key finalizes divorce settlement“, Nicole Bitette, Nov. 16, 2017

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