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Divorce granted to Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas

Many things can cause an Ohio couple to end their marriage. Financial problems, affairs and declining interest are just some of the factors to end a relationship that, at one time, seemed to have so much promise. The 15-year marriage between Alex Borstein and Jackson Douglas has officially ended in divorce.

Borstein has been the voice of a character on the show “Family Guy” since the show’s inception in 1998, while Douglas was a character on the original “Gilmore Girls” for the seven years it was on the air. Although Douglas filed for divorce in 2014, a report on the finalization did not give a specific reason. There was no prenuptial agreement on the part of either at the time of their marriage.

The couple share two children, a nine-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl. The children will get one of the four bank accounts totaling $5.2 million held by their parents, and Douglas and Borstein will share equally in the remaining three. They have explicit plans outlined in regards to splitting the real estate they own, as well as the division of all other assets, but neither will pay child or spousal support.

It would seem that Borstein and Douglas have all the financial details of their divorce resolved, but many couples are not so well-prepared. Whether they cannot be around each other long enough to come to an agreement or whether one parent simply chooses to not cooperate, legal assistance may be required when trying to divide assets and make decisions on child custody and financial support. An impartial attorney who is familiar with the divorce laws in Ohio will be an invaluable asset when looking to make decisions that affect the future of all involved.

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