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Celebrity parents agree on child custody terms

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Child Custody

Ohio parents who are no longer together have to come to some type of child custody agreement when they decide to divorce. Sometimes they may need the assistance of a third party and sometimes they can agree on a schedule on their own. Robin Thicke and his ex, Paula Patton have finally found a child custody arrangement that works, not only for them but for their son, as well.

Not only has the divorce between Thicke and Patton been antagonistic, so has the path to this finalized visitation schedule. However, the time their seven-year-old son Julian spends with each parent will be as evenly split as possible. He will stay with his father Monday through Wednesday and his mother Wednesday through Friday. Weekends will be alternated, with holidays and summer vacations divided equally.

The court has instructed both parents to have an equal say when making decisions that will majorly affect the boy, such as schooling, medical care and extra-curricular activities. Thicke and Patton dated nearly 15 years before tying the knot, but their marriage lasted only 10 years. Thicke is now expecting his second child with his girlfriend of three years.

Especially in a contentious divorce, matters dealing with the child should be resolved as sensitively as possible. Although it may seem difficult, keeping the focus on the child instead of the problems within the marriage can help two parents come to a child custody agreement that is truly best for each person concerned. An experienced attorney can show the parents the legal parameters set by the state of Ohio that will aid them as they work toward a court-approved plan.

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