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Industry titan wants divorce after 30 years

On Behalf of | May 24, 2017 | Divorce

There is no magic number that signifies a marriage is safe after so many years. An Ohio couple can decide their relationship works best when they are apart anytime after they say, “I do.” However, it seems the longer a marriage lasts, the less likely the two will divorce. Not so for Larry Herbert and his wife, Michele, who have been married 30 years. At 88 years of age, Larry has told Michele he wants a divorce.

Larry is the inventor of Pantone, a system that produces accurate color matches in the industries of graphic arts, digital technology and fashion, to name a few. In 2007, the company was sold to X-Rite Inc. for $180 million. Michele was formerly in the entertainment industry as a dancer, actress and host for a talk show. She is also known for her expensive tastes in fashion as well as her generosity to a specific charity benefiting Alzheimer’s research.

The couple owns two homes — a large Park Avenue apartment, which has been placed on the market, and a mansion in Palm Beach, which Larry will retain. There is a prenuptial agreement that allows Larry to keep most of his money, but in a phone interview, Michele told the caller her soon-to-be ex was being kind and generous. She would not, however, disclose the reason for the divorce.

A sudden divorce can throw the lives of those affected into chaos. When someone’s world is abruptly disrupted, there may be considerable confusion as to which way to turn and what steps to take next. A knowledgeable Ohio attorney can give advice on the best course of action and help bring some peace of mind to someone confronting these circumstances.

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