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Property division dispute settled for Orianne Collins

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Divorce

While the end of some marriages in Ohio are amicable enough, others are more contentious. When two people decide to divorce, common conflicts include child custody, property division and especially money. One example involves the former wife of singer Phil Collins, Orianne Collins. Ms. Collins recently reached a confidential divorce agreement with her ex-husband, investment banker Charles Fouad Mejjati, following a long dispute.

Ms. Collins and Mejjati had been married a year when she purchased an $8.4 million mansion. Just three years later, Mejjatti allegedly paid her $100 for the residence, although she claimed she did not consent to the deal. The divorce petition asserted that while Ms. Collins was taking heavy doses of prescription painkillers following crippling back surgery, Mejjati coerced her into signing the house over to him.

According to the petition, Mejjati was trying to claim property that belonged to Ms. Collins prior to their marriage and should not have been included in marital property division. Many of those assets came from an enormous divorce settlement between Ms. Collins and singer Phil Collins. Their divorce in 2008 made history in Britain as the largest divorce payout at $46.68 million. Ms. Collins also claimed Mejjati threatened to spread rumors that would embarrass her and possibly cost her custody of their 6-year-old son.

While the terms of the new agreement are confidential, Ms. Collins seems satisfied and ready to move forward with her life. While many divorcing couples in Ohio may not be dealing with property division worth millions of dollars, they are hoping to reach a settlement that is fair and will provide for the future. Having experienced legal counsel to guide them through the complexities of a divorce can make all the difference.

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