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Wife of former sitcom star seeks divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Divorce

Ohio residents have seen that celebrity status often comes at a price. Many entertainers turn to drugs and alcohol not only at the height of their careers but also when the roles begin to disappear. This may lead to alienation from loved ones in the form of a divorce or separation. The wife of Darius McCrary, who rose to fame in the popular sitcom, Family Matters, has filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences due to his alleged substance dependency and anger issues.

Tammy Brawner is requesting that a judge order her husband to stay away from their 1-year-old daughter until he gets help for his problems via a treatment program. In her petition for divorce, she wants sole custody of the girl as well as spousal support. She is also asking that visitation with their daughter be suspended until McCrary gets his problems under control.

Both husband and wife have claimed spousal abuse by the other and each has taken out a restraining order. While she says his actions toward her have been physical, he says she has not only burned him with a curling iron, but attacked him verbally. Although she has been ordered to keep her distance from her husband, she still listed his address as her own when she filed her divorce papers.

The stress of divorce can wear on an already taxing relationship. Unhappiness, anger and frustration can keep two people from being able to think clearly when trying to work on a fair and equitable divorce settlement. An attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the divorce laws in Ohio can lend some objectivity when negotiating acceptable terms for his or her client.

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