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Grateful mom extols ex after divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Divorce

Former couples in Ohio who are no longer together may often find themselves fighting a battle over certain issues regarding the dissolution of their relationship. Numerous news articles relate the story of former spouses engaged in an all-out war over the terms of their divorce agreement. One woman recently made headlines over a Facebook post commending the behavior of her ex since their divorce.

The separation between the two has not stopped him from being an excellent provider for their son and a thoughtful friend to her. The post that has now gone viral recounts times the father brought necessities to the house so she would not have to go through the stresses of taking a young child to the store or times the son has been in need of new clothes and all she had to do was make a phone call. In addition, she says he is there for her when she just needs emotional support.

The woman also praises the efforts of her ex in being a role model for their son. The father shares in the duties of physical custody and even tells the boy to respect the romantic interest in his mother’s life. In short, the post was a public thank you to someone who has put the needs and feelings of his son above his own.

This is not the typical relationship between two exes. Many times there is bitterness and resentment and the children are caught in the middle, where what is best for them can be overlooked. An Ohio family law attorney can help a person look past personal frustrations when setting terms by which to adhere in a divorce agreement.

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