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Avoiding unnecessary child custody litigation

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2016 | Child Custody

When facing divorce, Ohio parents may feel overwhelmed by the thought of a costly and stressful court battle. Fortunately, it is possible for some parents to avoid litigation by working through matters with the best interests of the children in mind and with the help of an experienced legal professional. During this process, it is important to make child custody decisions with a strong future in mind, instead of temporary emotions.

Parents are concerned with protecting their parental rights, and this concern can sometimes lead to disputes over parenting time and legal custody. Studies show that children benefit when they are allowed to maintain strong relationships with both parents, and joint or shared custody can be a practical way to do this. The details of a shared parenting plan can be outlined through negotiation and by working closely with a lawyer.

Child support and property division are also some of the most common concerns for people who are navigating through divorce. The decisions made during this process will have an impact for years to come, and it is vital to make decisions that will lay the groundwork for a strong and stable future. It is normal to have strong emotions like anger or grief during divorce, but these should never be the deciding factor in a major decision.

Divorce can be a difficult path to walk, but it does not have to done alone. Navigating complicated matters, such as property division, spousal support or child custody, is daunting, but a skilled Ohio lawyer can help a person find positive solutions to complex disputes and disagreements. It is important to secure this legal assistance as soon as possible, even before filing for divorce.

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