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Unemployment and the impact on divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Divorce

It is often assumed that financial trouble is one of the leading reasons that Ohio couples choose to end their marriage. While it is certain that money woes often contribute to the decision to end a marriage, studies have shown that finances may have little to do with why a person or couple actually moves forward with a filing. Recent research indicates that the employment of the husband plays a bigger role in divorce than even money disputes. 

Cultural and societal norms have shifted in recent decades, leading to non-traditional gender roles in the home, more women in the workplace and more women earning significant incomes. These changes were thought to contribute to why couples divorce; however, despite these changes in perspective, men are still expected to be the main income earners. When a husband is unemployed, it leads to a greater chance that the marriage will end, despite income and roles within the home. 

Recent research also indicates that women are the petitioners in two-thirds of all divorces. What all of this seems to indicate is that despite the changes in the role of women in the home and in the workforce, expectations for men have remained much the same. Despite common assumptions, money may not play as strong of a role in the divorce rate as originally thought.

Regardless of who filed or the employment status of either spouse, divorce is a complex process that requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. To protect financial interests, it is important to prepare for and navigate through the divorce process appropriately. Ohio readers can learn more about what to expect from divorce by seeking a case evaluation. 

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