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Can social media impact a child custody order?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2015 | Child Custody

With the popularity of social media, Ohio readers will not be surprised to know that unwise use of Facebook or Twitter can have a negative impact on a divorce. In fact, what a parent posts on social media regarding his or her divorce or parenting styles could actually be used as evidence in a child custody proceeding. It is important to proceed carefully when using social media throughout the divorce process. 

Those who are going through a divorce should consider the impact of a tweet or post before sending it out. If a picture or statement could be construed as demonstrating poor judgement as a parent, it may be used against that individual in court. This is particularly important for a parent who is navigating a contentious, heated custody battle. 

Details of a divorce should not be discussed or debated publicly on Facebook or Twitter, particularly if the divorce is still in process. Although a negative post about the judge or details about litigation can be taken down, nothing online is ever truly deleted. It should be assumed that anything questionable, negative or private that is posted can be used as ammunition by the other party.

Social media provides an outlet for people to work through difficult times and express their feelings. However, it is not always appropriate to do so when engaged in an acrimonious divorce or contentious child custody battle. Ohio parents will remember that it is always best to discuss these matters with friends face-to-face, not in a public forum where intentions and tone can be misinterpreted and used to further complicate the divorce process. 

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