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Divorce may have certain health benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Divorce

Ohio readers may consider divorce as a difficult and emotionally complex process, but it is possible that the end of a marriage can have certain health benefits. For couples who have been locked in an unhappy and stressful marriage, divorce can actually improve the quality of life and health of the parties. In fact, a recent study found that those who divorce do not have an increased risk for cardiovascular problems and other health risks.

People often assume that divorce is bad for health, perhaps because of the stress of the process or incidents of depression. However, this study found that men who divorced in their late 30s had a lower risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and other related conditions. In fact, the study also found that committed couples who had never married had a level of health comparable to those who were married.

The divorce process can be stressful as couples must work through issues such as property division, child custody and financial support. Ohio couples may find that having a qualified legal ally can make this process smoother, possibly eliminating undue stress and anxiety. This can allow a couple to move on to a solid, post-divorce future.

It can be difficult to take the first step to initiate the divorce process, but it can be useful to consider the long-term benefits. These benefits may include a healthier and happier future for all members of the family. If a person if unsure of how to begin this process, he or she will find it beneficial to speak with a lawyer regarding legal options. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “Why Divorce Can Be Good for Your Health: New Evidence“, Douglas LaBier, Aug. 17, 2015

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