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Social media and the modern divorce

As Ohio readers know, social media has impacted most areas of life. While there are many benefits to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, they could have a negative impact on personal relationships. It is not difficult to see how social media could lead to marital problems and even divorce.

A recent headline that caught national attention stated that a woman and her husband were getting a divorce and that social media was to blame. The woman claims she was spending hours at a time on Facebook, communicating with ex-boyfriends through private messaging. In an interview, the woman stated that her addiction to Facebook was the underlying cause for her marriage falling apart, a claim that is more common than Ohio readers may think. 

Recent surveys suggest that social media is a factor in as many as one in seven divorces. As a growing number of marriages are affected by this issue, Facebook could become an important factor in child custody cases, spousal support negotiations and more. Just recently, a woman discovered that her husband was cheating on her after she looked at pictures posted on Facebook. There are multiple ways that social media can play a direct or indirect role in a divorce. 

As the world continues to become more connected and more technologically advanced, it is a natural assumption that this will affect marriage and divorce. When social media is an underlying cause of a divorce, it is important to work with a lawyer who understands these complex issues. With the right assistance, it is possible to successfully navigate an unusually complicated divorce.

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