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Marriage of former Dayton mayor is officially dissolved

On Behalf of | May 9, 2013 | Divorce

Divorce can affect nearly anyone in Ohio at any time. The reality of this is underscored by the finalization of the divorce between the former mayor of Dayton, Ohio, Mike Turner and his wife. According to a press release issued late last year, the former mayor and now congressman had separated from his wife and was moving to a condo that he would rent in downtown Dayton. The detailed nature of this release was interesting, as most high-profile individuals want to keep their relationships out of the potential spotlight.

And despite the release, this was the intent of Turner. He and his wife agreed that neither would talk to the press about their divorce case due to the sensitivity of the topic. Even though this agreement was in place, it seems that attempts by the press to contact them were made. Turner declined to comment while his ex-wife was deemed unreachable.

Unlike most marriage dissolutions, this one seems to have been finalized rather easily. Lori Turner, the vice president of marketing for the Kettering Health Network, filed a petition for divorce on March 29. At some point, the former couple had decided to hash out the division of property before heading to court. Their advance agreement dictated how a Toyota Prius and three Cadillacs would be divided. It also divided the two residences they owned.

Married since 1987, the former couple has two daughters. Both of them are grown and the divorce settlement indicated that the two would share the responsibility of paying for their post-secondary educations. In addition, the settlement said that neither would pay spousal support. Both of the Turners seemed to be well-established in their careers and are likely generating enough income to live on their own. If you or anyone you know desires to have an amicable split such as this, an attorney may be able to help attain those goals.

Source:  Dayton Daily News, “Congressman Turner’s divorce finalized” Lynn Hulsey, May. 02, 2013

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