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Second marriages more likely to end in divorce than first

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2011 | Divorce

Statistics show that first marriages in Ohio and around the country end about 41 percent of the time. Clearly, that means there is a large possibility a first marriage will end in divorce, but that possibility is even larger for second marriages. Roughly 60 percent of marriages between two divorcees end in divorce.

There are several reasons why second marriages are more likely to end.

First, although people marrying for the second time have experience with marriage, second marriages can come with quite a lot of baggage. Many divorcees have children of whom they share custody with their ex-spouse. Newlywed second-timers may find that they are choosing to defend their children’s actions against their new spouse or their spouse’s children. Many spouses find that their parenting style differs from that of their second spouse. Sometimes, this just means more frequent arguments, but at other times it is a deal-breaker.

Second, the divorce and any subsequent financial problems that stem from the split may affect a second marriage. The previous divorce can cause financial problems, emotional problems, parenting problems; the list goes on. Depending on how and why it ended, an individual’s trust can be broken on many levels. Money is also a big topic for any couple and openly discussing it is a route that most should take. Whether one spouse is worried about the potential of a second divorce and wants a prenuptial agreement or the other does not want to create a shared bank account because of the actions of their ex, all options should be considered. With statistics working against second-time marriages, second-time newlyweds should try their hardest to communicate their issues before they boil over.

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